Sean Picks the NFL Season: South Divisions

I have gone through every NFL regular season game on the 2020 schedule  and have win-loss totals for every team. Get your bets in now and brag to your football entourage about how you “knew” what this season was going to look like. You can compare my NFL W-L pick to the Vegas win totals and bet with 55 percent confidence! Also, check out these best bets that line up with my predictions. Ezzus, however, has much more confidence and conviction.

AFC SouthVegas +/-Predicted RecordReason why
Houston 3407.55-11Front office disaster
Tennessee 1608.59-7Boring offense stalls
Jacksonville 22004.53-13Everyone gets fired
Indianapolis 125910-6Rivers flows steadily
NFC South
Tampa Bay 1509.510-6Talent supports elders
Atlanta 7007.58-8FGs over TDs
Carolina 17005.54-12Division to tank
New Orleans -11510.511-5History repeats itself

We’re a day away from the start of the NFL season. The south divisions are The Good, The Bad and The Old. Can Brady, Brees and others continue to succeed later in their careers? Who will survive the NFC South? The division is seemingly set to have high flying offensive battles week after week. Who will drudge out a division title from the AFC South?

Again, I don’t vary too far from the Vegas predictions. Full disclosure, I made my picks without knowing the Vegas lines. This means I will be putting my resume into the Vegas sports books this weekend.

If I had to make bets here, I would take the overs for both Indianapolis and Tennessee. If you are a big Carolina fan and you think Teddy Bridgewater is the answer, go after that +1700 to win the division. Sure we all love Bridgewater, but it’s still a true fan bet. There’s no reasoning besides being able to tell your friends how bold and faithful you were if it happens. But you’ll  most likely just throw that ticket away and never tell a soul after week one.

Finally, let’s get back to some warmer weather, bikinis, jazz music and hurricanes. 

South Division


This is going to be a very competitive division and arguably one of the best in the NFL. But you’ll have to trust that Drew Brees and Tom Brady are sharing the fountain of youth in their backyards. 

I don’t think the Saints have improved much. They will be tough to beat until the playoffs when they are gassed. Even last year, when Brees had a 5-week break, the playoffs still got the better of this team. 

Tom Brady had an excuse for his play last year: no weapons. Well that changes this season. He has every weapon he needs. That includes two Pro Bowl wideouts, great tight ends, good running backs, Bruce Arians and even a good defense. I just don’t think he’s the GOAT that he may have been years ago. He’s old. Can he throw the ball all over the field anymore?

Atlanta is a good team sometimes, and a terrible team other times. Week to week, it’s hard to tell which team will show up. My advice is to not bet on or against them.

They might blow out the Saints, or the Panthers might blow them out. You just never know. Teddy Bridgewater was a great band-aid last year for the Saints. He played well and won games, but is he really a franchise guy? The Panthers could end up with a lot more than 4 wins, but I don’t see really how they get there in this division.


Yuck…Maybe Philip Rivers plays better with the Colts. Maybe The Titans and Ryan Tannehill weren’t a fluky pairing. I’m not sold on either. The Colts have a good roster, but so did the Chargers. I don’t think Rivers will play as poorly as he did last year, so that I think carries them to the playoffs. The Titans could very well take this division as well. Henry is a beast and they have good young wideouts. But don’t tell me Tannehill is a franchise QB.

Jacksonville players will fight and play hard. If they Tank for Trevor, everyone is getting fired. So I could see a fire sale halfway through the season. Houston actually made a  good decision in signing Watson long term. Other than that instance, the Texans are currently the worst run team in the league.

NFL Playoff Outlook based on Win-Loss predictions


Division Winners: Dallas, San Fran, Green Bay, New Orleans

Wild Cards: Seattle, Tampa Bay, Philly/Minnesota/Chicago


Division Winners: Miami, Kansas City, Baltimore, Indianapolis

Wild Card: Cleveland, Tennessee, Buffalo

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