Sean Picks the NFL Season: West Divisions

Sean's picks West
AFC WestVegas +/-Predicted RecordReason why
Denver 100087-9No blocking for Lock
Kansas City -42511.513-3Reid still hungry
Las Vegas 12007.58-8Visitors go Viva
LA Chargers 70085-11Tyrod’s not explosive
NFC West
Arizona 7007.58-8All year spoiler
Seattle 240910-6Hail Mary Russell
LA Rams 5008.55-11Goff or Gaffe?
San Fran -10510.513-3Spreading Cold Butter

We have made it to Thursday and it’s officially the start of the NFL season. Let us take a trip out West and see what the divisions can bring us. We have two top heavy divisions. So many teams here could be in the playoffs and even make it to the Big Game.  

My biggest gaps against Vegas predictions are the 2 LA teams on the under, and the 2 heavyweights — Kansas City and San Francisco — on the overs. I would also stay away from KC on winning the division, simply because the odds at -425 aren’t worth a year long commitment in my mind. However, the Chiefs are probably a lock.

Get ready for this trip through the desert, a state on fire, going Mile High and Viva Las Vegas!

West Divisions 


The NFC West is arguably one of the toughest divisions in the NFL. The 49ers should be able to avoid the normal runner-up hangover, but they have issues. Every wide receiver that puts on so much as a practice jersey gets hurt. They play great hard-nosed football, but teams need to be able to spread the field out and the Niners are offensively and defensively weak on the outsides.

Seattle is a scary good team, right? No. They aren’t a scary good team but Russell Wilson is scary. We expect him to perform miracles week after week to get wins. Regardless of how amazing Russell is, I don’t know if you can pray hard enough to make that strategy sustainable.

If Kyler Murray gets better, and he should with DeAndre Hopkins, the Cardinals could be a fun team to bet with points. I think they will upset a lot of teams. They could also sneak their way to be fighting for the postseason. 

The Rams have not improved. Teams pass you by quickly in the NFL. Sean McVay is a genius, but he’s a genius without great talent.


If Patrick Mahomes stays healthy, I really do not see any team pushing them for this division. They added a great running back. Andy Reid has been stuck in quarantine, drawing up play after play for that explosive Offense. However, they could falter late in the year if they continue to  have to come back from big deficits. 

I was originally higher on the Broncos, but now they have lots of line problems. The biggest issues are both of their tackles. If Drew Lock is running for his life every play, the pieces around him just do not really matter.

Vegas can make some splashes! That is they can if they give all the visiting teams VIP passes to every casino. The Raiders have quietly built a good roster. I am just not sold on either Derrick Carr or Jon Gruden yet. 

The Chargers got rid of the turnover machine that was Philip Rivers. They have some great X factor players on defense. But, I don’t think their offense gets any explosion from Tyrod Taylor.

NFL Playoff Outlook based on Win-Loss predictions


Division Winners: Dallas, San Fran, Green Bay, New Orleans

Wild Cards: Seattle, Tampa Bay, Philly/Minnesota/Chicago


Division Winners: Miami, Kansas City, Baltimore, Indianapolis

Wild Card: Cleveland, Tennessee, Buffalo

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