Should the Jets Lose on Purpose This Week?

Adam Gase of the New York Jets, you're fired!

The buzz around the New York Jets this week is that it could be Adam Gase’s last week. Right before last week’s game against the Colts, a leak came out that the Jets higher ups were looking into the Gase situation. When higher ups are keeping a close eye on you after just two weeks, your days are numbered. 

Gase must not like his job as an NFL coach. His team had no fire and the Colts crushed them. You would think the guy would have been coaching for his job, but winning isn’t important to Gase. 

The Colts game was embarrassing, but it  finally woke up the incompetent leaders of the Jets ownership. They decided that if Gase loses Thursday night against the Broncos he will be fired

This move is 20 games too late as the Jets should have never hired Gase in the first place. I’m not sure if it was the TV ratings being cheeks or the franchise quarterback regression that finally opened Christopher Johnson’s eyes, but it’s a start. 

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Another report circulating around One Jets Drive is that crazy eyes Gase has lost the locker room. No surprise here. Reports from last season indicated Gase lost the locker room way before this season. 

It must be some kind of record to lose a locker room well before your first season ended, especially after finishing the season 6-2. Anyone who has followed the team knows Gase is not a leader. Jamal Adams said so before being traded to the Seahawks. 

Now the million dollar question: do the players quit on this game? Sure we all know players don’t like to lose, but wouldn’t they want to lose so Gase can get canned? If Gase has truly lost the locker room, the players would be dumb to try and win this game for him. They definitely have seen the reports; this is their golden opportunity to get what they want. 

If I were a Jets player, I’m making a statement. First, I’d go to the owner and request a new head coach. Then, I’d let every player on the opposite team walk into the end zone. Winning this game doesn’t really help the team, it can really only hurt them. 

If they win, as they would in typical Jets fashion, Gase stays on another week hurting player development. If they lose, he won’t have his stupidity hovering over this team. Get this man away from my team and get him away from my QB

It’s sad when losing a game is better for your team than winning, but that’s the case for the New York Jets. I usually would not root for the Jets to lose, but I think I’m a Brett “who the fuck is this guy” Rypien fan. 

Should the Jets Lose on Purpose This Week?


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