Steph Curry is a Fraud

I was excited going into last year’s NBA season. While I had no faith in the Knicks or their 6,000 power forwards, I thought Steph Curry was finally going to be exposed. No longer would Curry be able to rely on Klay Thompson or Kevin Durant. Both were injured and Durant wasn’t even on the Warriors. This was the year.  

As a Curry hater, I couldn’t wait for the slander once people found out he isn’t as good as the media portrays him. Sure the guy has great stats and two MVPs, but the success has more to do with the system and the players around him. Unfortunately the World and I were not able to see his fraudulence because of a hand injury. Now, with the unfortunate news of Klay’s Achille’s injury, we might witness the downfall of the beloved poster child.

In the 5 games Curry played in 2019, he averaged 21 points, 6.6 assists and 5.2 rebounds. Those numbers don’t look bad until you look at his shooting percentage. He shot a career low of 40 percent from the floor and 25 percent from 3 last season. The “greatest shooter of all time” only shot 25 percent from 3! What happened to Curry being the lord and savior for all the 13-year-olds? 

Some might say teams are focusing more on him. To that, I bring up two points. One, if you can shoot from anywhere on the court, it shouldn’t really matter if a team is focused on you, especially if you can create your own shot. LeBron has been the opposing team’s focus ever since he got into the league, and he has never had a disgusting performance like the former unanimous MVP had last year. 

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Many of the bandwagon fans put Curry and LeBron in the same category. This is a disgrace. ESPN has Curry ranked as the 13th best player of all time. This puts him over players like Kevin Durant, Jerry West, Scottie Pippen, Dwayne Wade and many more. Again, this is wrong. Without Kevin Durant breaking the NBA, the Warrior and the fraud would have only won 1 Finals. Why does society elevate this guy when his success comes off the backs of others? Are we supposed to say Danny Green is a top-20 player of all time because he found himself in good opportunities? Not at all.

This brings me to my final point: is Steph “The Fraud” Curry legitimately great, or is he just in a great situation? Without both Thompson and Draymond Green, Curry would not be the “Golden Boy” we know him to be now. Both players demanded opposing teams to account for them on the court, making things easier for Curry to get decent looks. 

The trio of players came together in the 2012-2013 season. In just that first season, Curry saw his field goal and 3-point attempts increase. He went from 11.4 FGA and 4.7 3PA to 17.8 FGA and 7.7 3PA. Curry did this while also keeping his field goal and 3-point percentage the same. He did see a big boost in points per game however, scoring 8 more than the year before. Curry was clearly benefiting from the new offensive threats around him. 

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After winning his first championship, things looked bright for the fraud. He went on to disappear in the Finals and lost, after infamously going up 3-1 on the Cavs. Curry then begged KD to join the Warriors because he knew his legacy was in jeopardy.

Once the team signed Kevin Durant, Curry benefited from not being the focal point of the offense. He went from 48 percent of his shots coming from 3-point range to 58 percent. Curry became strictly a 3-point shooter and dominated, shooting 42 percent from deep, all because KD was taking the attention away from him. His stats were padded for 3 years just because he was not the main guy. This makes him a dirty fraud and we should not look at him as one of the all-time greats.

What would Steph Curry’s legacy be if he wasn’t put on one of the greatest teams of all time? I think he would have become a one-time NBA champion that only won because the Cavs had Matthew Dellavedova as their second best player. Without KD, ESPN would have ranked Curry as the 35-40th best player to ever lace them up, a far cry from the 13th ranking he holds now.

This year, Curry needs to show he can be the main guy and lead his team to a playoff run, the same way LeBron and other greats have. If he doesn’t, he’ll prove that he’s the biggest fraud in NBA history.



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