Tables, Ladders, Chairs and Thumbtacks, Oh My!

AEW recently hosted their St Patrick’s Day Slam, and what a show it was! The St. Patrick’s Day Slam featured the first ever non-pay-per-view ‘Unsanctioned Lights Out” match between Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa. This feud has been building ever since Rosa arrived on the AEW scene and Baker declared her unfit to stand beside her on the roster. 

In what I consider to be a pay-per-view quality match, the ladies absolutely stole the show. This contest featured many firsts for me, including both Rosa and Baker bleeding on live television. During the match, Britt also took a thumbtack bump that would’ve made Mick Foley cringe.

With plenty of violence, the athleticism and endurance outshined it all and absolutely elevated the women’s division to new heights. As AEW progresses, so does their women’s division, and it’s quickly becoming must-see tv. 

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Fans have expressed their disinterest in the weekly interviews with Sting, as not much usually happens. This week was vastly different, and although we had yet another interruption by Team Taz, Brian Cage especially stood out with his words to The Icon. Cage started his promo segment by taking the microphone from Taz, who traditionally does all the talking for the faction. Cage approached Stinger, and much to my disbelief, he genuinely congratulated Sting and Darby Allin for their win in the street fight during the Revolution event just a few weeks ago. Alongside the congratulations, Cage acknowledged and agreed that Sting doesn’t need his bat and that he’s still got it after all these years. 

I never saw this coming as this immediately led to some disrest between the faction members who are all still in full heel mode. Cage on the other hand, walked out on Team Taz leaving the entire wrestling community in utter shock. Could this be the end of Cage’s heel run? Will he continue to “The Monster” but simply fly solo? Many questions are left unanswered only contributing to the anticipation for next week’s Dynamite. 

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Speaking of leaving the wrestling world stunned, MJF gave us some insight into his betrayal of the Inner Circle. He revealed that it had been his plan all along to destroy the faction from the inside out, and he certainly lived up to his end of the bargain. As much as I hate him, MJF makes a damn good villain and is highly entertaining to watch. 

Now joined by the likes of Shawn Spears, FTR and Tully as well as Wardlow, we saw the birth of “The Pinnacle”. Not the most copacetic name out there, but the name certainly fits the incredibly high caliber of talent within all of the individuals involved. With a new power team in play and Inner Circle seemingly out of the picture, one can only wonder how Jericho and the boys will get even. With Jericho’s devious history, you can bet it won’t be pretty or enjoyable for the members of The Pinnacle. 

During the St. Patrick’s Day Slam, Jade Cargill participated in her second match during her AEW tenure, but unfortunately took on a jobber (someone to make the star look good). She was able to extend her winning streak to two while her opponent, Dani Jordyn, added another loss to hers. Cargill is very impressive and I can’t wait for her to officially enter the women’s division and work her way up to whoever is champion at that time. She certainly has a bright future ahead of her, and keeping in mind that her debut was with a powerhouse player like Shaq, it’s clear AEW has big plans for her. 

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Speaking of work horses, Christian Cage graced our television screens this week with a promise to deliver on his new slogan, “Out. Work. Everyone.”. He even mentioned that while he is looking to challenge Kenny Omega for the title, he acknowledges that must work his way up the ranks and earn it just like everyone else. This put a lot of worries aside for me, as I don’t want a veteran to come into a new successful brand and hog the limelight. This is what happened in TNA for so many years. It will be very interesting to see who his first official opponent will be in All Elite Wrestling and how that will play into his reputation as a future Hall-of-Famer. 

Eddie Kingston and Jon Moxley finally got the opportunity to get some revenge on The Good Brothers in a tag team bout. The whole interference thing is starting to get old and fans were hoping this week would be different. Mox and Kingston were able to skate away with a victory, but one that cost them dearly.

In a strange twist of events, Omega and Good Brothers were giving yet another beat down on our protagonists, but were interrupted when the Young Bucks came to the aid of the former world champion. It seems they’ve had enough of the Good Brothers and Omega’s bullshit as well. 

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When confronted with the bullet club “meeting of the hands” gesture, Matt and Nick flat out refused and walked out on their former best friend Kenny Omega. This was yet another shocking turn of events as factions are breaking up and new ones are forming everywhere you look. Hopefully The Bucks can start to distance themselves from the hot pile of garbage that is Don Callis, as he is a literal virus in human form that has single handedly led to the demise of The Elite.

The first contest in the Penta El Zero Miedo and Cody Rhodes feud started off the show for the St. Patrick’s Day Slam event. What’s interesting about this pair up is that Cody will be out soon as Brandi doesn’t have very much longer to go before she gives birth to their first child. So, why is Rhodes involved in a big feud with one of AEW’s top stars when he knows he will be out sooner rather than later? Perhaps this will be the setup they use in the sense that Penta will injure Cody and therefore be ineligible to compete. This sure seems like the most logical explanation but with AEW, we truly never know what they’re going to do.

What adds even more confusion into the fray, is that Cody beat Penta with a quick roll up. Penta doesn’t take kindly to losing, especially when he has a personal vendetta against Cody that has not become apparent yet. With a nagging shoulder injury, it’s not looking good for Cody until he gets that shoulder healthy. This could keep him out of the ring for an even longer period of time but, knowing the Rhodes’ family history, Cody will never give up until he physically can’t get back up.

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