The Best Sports Month… Ever?

Turn on the news, hit a few sports pages, watch ESPN. You would think all sports are doomed. It’s constant coverage of who is opting out, who tested positive, what games are postponed and even sports being called “removed from reality” (which is often the best part of sports! To remove ourselves from the crazy reality). It is extremely ironic that so many sports writers and personalities focus on the negatives while sports continuing means, so does their livelihood.

Where are the articles and voices of success? The Basketball Tournament had a couple hiccups to start, then day after day provided 100 percent negative results through the Championship game.

The NBA bubble is working, of the 343 players tested since results were last announced none have been confirmed positive. The NHL bubble is working. The NHL announced that it has had zero positive COVID-19 test results since its 24 playoff teams reported to their bubble cities. Two teams have tested positive in baseball, but games are postponed and the rest of the sport moves forward.

It’s time to sit back and really take in how lucky we are, despite the craziness in the world. We might be on the cusp of the best sports months we will ever have!

Think about rolling out of bed on a Tuesday and you can watch sports from noon to midnight. That is the current world we are living in! SPORTS ALL DAY!! This is every sports fan’s dream and it is happening every day. This weekend alone you can watch; 32 MLB games, 12 NBA games, 7 NHL playoff games, the PGA Championship and even some NASCAR races. That is 7 nonstop days’ worth of sports, in just one weekend!

And the best has yet to come!

Fall means pumpkin spice, basics everywhere and most importantly football. In September alone, you will have a rescheduled Kentucky Derby and PGA Ryder Cup. For the first time ever, you will have NBA and NHL playoff games. Thanks to an abridged season, we get MLB regular season games that actually matter. There will be the NASCAR playoffs, UFC Championship fights, and more.. PLUS FOOTBALL!

The king of sports, the NFL, will be starting soon. Only 65 players have opted out, many of whom would have been left in the practice fields or been cut anyway.

Alongside the NFL, college football is set to begin. College will be playing predominantly in conference, cutting out 20 worthless games every weekend with 50+ point spreads. Making this season much more competitive and compelling. No one likes to watch Alabama beat Western Carolina 66-3 or Clemson beat Wofford 59-15 to name just two of the 114 FCS vs FBS games in 2019.

No, we cannot go to games. Yes, COVID-19 sucks. However, it is not the time to sulk, but to celebrate maybe the only good thing going on in the world right now: nonstop distractions from work, politics, school, families, and obligations! Meaningful sports will be there for you all fall to provide reasons to procrastinate your To-Do list, reasons to meet the guys at the bar, reasons to have a cold beer and reasons to make jokes to everyone who wears a Buffalo Bills face mask. What a time to be alive!

BANNER: Philadelphia Eagles players huddle before leaving the field before Super Bowl LII on Feb. 4, 2018 PHOTO CREDIT: Quintin3265 //Wikimedia Commons 

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