The Bucks Choose Elite Over Immortality

The Young Bucks have struggled for weeks in their attempt to cope with the terms of Kenny Omega’s behavior as of late. When Nick and Matt chose to defy the “Bullet Club” meeting of the hands, it all came crashing down for the World Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega. 

This brings us into the one-of-a-kind main event which saw Jon Moxley and The Young Bucks take on Omega and the dastardly Good Brothers. From the start, we see the Bucks struggle to compete against their long time friend, Omega. More than once Matt struggled to super kick Omega’s head off. This obviously led to increased dysfunction in the already volatile relationship between Moxley and the Bucks.

As the match progressed, it looked like the Bucks had Kenny right where they wanted him, but again failed to capitalize. This angered Moxley, so he tagged himself in off Nick’s back and orchestrated two devastating Paradigm Shift DDT’s, planting Omega on his oversized head. Naturally, this didn’t sit well with the Bucks. So in return, they gave Moxley simultaneous super kicks that nearly knocked his head off. This not only cemented the Bucks turning heel, but their undying commitment to Omega’s regime. 

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This was a crushing blow to the fanbase, as many were ready to see The Bucks really take it to Omega. However, this was not to be as Matt and Nick sold their soul to the devil (Don Callis). This could still turn out to be great television, but that rivalry will always be one of those big “what ifs” for fans around the world. 

Tay Conti cemented her title shot after many hard fought victories this year in AEW Dark, Elevation and Dynamite, most recently defeating Bad Bunny. Conti has won 81% of her matches this year which is the best winning percentage even among top stars, like Thunder Rosa, Britt Baker and Red Velvet. Next up for Conti is the longest reigning women’s champion in AEW history, Hikaru Shida, on April 21st. 

Darby Allin continues to impress us all week in and week out. He truly defines what it means to be a fighting champion. True, he may not always take on the biggest and baddest opponents, but he sure knows how to put on a clinic. Darby most recently took on JD Drake.

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Drake has been featured quite prominently on AEW Dark and Elevation, but in a surprise to no one, Darby retained his TNT title. However, the cost of victory for Darby was receiving yet another vicious beat down from Drake. Allin sure can take a beating better than anyone I’ve seen in the world of professional wrestling for some time. It will be interesting to see how long AEW keeps this character arc going, as I’m not sure how much more Darby can take. After all, the human body can only take so much brutality. Next week, Allin is set to take on Matt Hardy in a Falls Count Anywhere match, where the brutality will most likely continue.

The current number one contender of the men’s division is everyone’s favorite cowboy Hangman Adam Page. Going into his match with Acclaimed member Max Caster, Hangman only needs one more victory to qualify for a match with his former Elite team member Kenny Omega. This throws another exciting curve into the Bucks/Omega sell out angle because Hangman will advance like everybody expects him to. This would then set up Elite vs. Former Elite. To my knowledge, Hangman is still cool with The Bucks, but that relationship most likely went down the drain when Matt and Nick sold out during the main event later that night.

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Adam Page and Max Caster put on a good match that certainly had its intense moments, but after a perfect set up by Hangman, Caster succumbed to the devastating Buckshot Lariat. So now the question remains, when will Omega acknowledge Hangman as his next victim? Only time will tell, but you can bet it will be the initial set up to their match that will more than likely be the main event on the Double or Nothing pay-per-view on May 30th.

After what many are calling “the best backstage brawl of all time” (Jericho said it), we heard from The Pinnacle for the first time since the attack the week prior. With MJF being the most logical leader for the group, he needs to let other members talk. I don’t want to see another Paul Heyman/Brock Lesnar scenario where Heyman spoke nearly every word for Brock, rarely if ever hearing Lesnar’s voice. The one good thing we got out of his drawn out monologue was The Pinnacle challenging The Inner Circle to a Blood and Guts match for the May 5th installment of Dynamite. 

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For those of you who aren’t familiar with this match type, you may get excited when I mention the name WarGames. Yes that’s right, the Blood and Guts match will see both teams fight inside two rings encapsulated by one large cage. Many may get Four Horsemen flashbacks as they were on the forefront of creating and immortalizing that match type. AEW continues to treat the fans with forgotten match stipulations like this one and the Dog Collar match. Tony Khan better have EMTs standing by because it’s expected to be an all out bloody war. 

So make sure to tune into the history making night as i’m sure we’ll get some crazy memories that will be etched in the annals of AEW forever.

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