The Congressman’s Festivus 2020

Most people look forward to the holiday season for Christmas, Hanukkah, or simply for their favorite lights shimmering in the snow. Here at The Challenge Sports, we are embracing the age-old tradition of Festivus. For those too young to remember, Festivus is a holiday made famous by the creators of Seinfeld aimed to protest the commercialization of Christmas time. Now it begins with our favorite part: The Airing of Grievances.

So here we go folks! The Challenge Sports writers have come together to list out our biggest sports grievances for the shitbox we call 2020. 

  • Congressman Cuse
    • First off, people who think Duke is still elite . Coach K legit just said “I quit” for the season after they lost two non-conference games. 
    • Dominique Foxworthy together with Nick Wright, Bomani Jones and everyone else who shit on Josh Allen and Bills Mafia for standing behind our guy.
    • Skip Bayless for his INSANE “I’d still take Baker over Josh Allen.” tweet.
    • The UFC because they didn’t give us a Nate Diaz fight this year.
    • Those who didn’t vote Kanye 2020. Come on people, we could have made 2020 a little funny!
    • Bleacher Report Twitter Guy because he called LaMelo Ball “Melo” and we all know who the real Melo is. He wore 15 and orange in 2003.
    • The New York Yankees. This age old organization wanted to step in and help struggling communities during COVID….so they pledged $50,000. They’re worth $5,000,000,000 and that’s all they could come up with???
    • Lastly, can we all agree that the 2020 Super Bowl was among the most forgettable of all time? Were it not for Shakira and J Lo shaking their asses on screen, I might have forgotten it ever happened.
  • Ezzus
    • Adam Gase, enough said.
  • Mike Ross
    • LeBron didn’t get the MVP and he absolutely should have.
    • The Clippers blowing a 3-1 lead against the Nuggets, and getting bounced out of the playoffs.
    • The Jets won a game…what the hell?
    • Lastly, Colin Kaepernick doesn’t have a job, but Colt McCoy is a starting NFL quarterback.
  • Hebrew Hammer
    • Charles Barkley, because the man simply cannot think
  • Sean Marshfield
    • The 49ers blew their Super Bowl lead. (Remember back to February? Because I hardly do.)
    •  Anyone who hates LeBron James as well. 
    • The remaining Melo haters can also eat shit.
    • Anyone who thinks Colin Kaepernick deserves a roster spot in the NFL lol.
    • Skip Bayless. Need I say more? 
    • E S P N.
    • Last but not least The Hebrew Hammer.

We have a lot to be thankful for this year, but even more to gripe about. What are your Festivus grievances this year? Tag us on Twitter @TheChallengeBl and @CongressmanCuse to be featured on our list. 

Happy Festivus everyone, let’s put 2020 behind us.

Syracuse’s preeminent parody politician. There are 44 reasons to love me, and all of them start with Syracuse and end with Orange. I write about the UFC, SU sports, and anything that seems appropriate to bitch about. If you try telling me Baseball is a sport worth watching, I might send the FBI to your place at midnight.

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