The Eagles Need to Bench Carson Wentz

The Philadelphia Eagles don’t draft a quarterback in the 2nd round of the 2020 NFL Draft unless they at least plan on giving him a chance at the starting job. Right? Why would the Eagles spend a prized 2nd round pick on Jalen Hurts, if he was only going to play 20 snaps a year. After the start we’ve seen from Philly, they should at least consider putting Carson Wentz on the bench.

Wentz has been THAT bad. In his 5th year, Carson has regressed mightily. Through 8 games, he leads the league with 12 interceptions; Kirk Cousins is 2nd on the list with 10. The North Dakota State product is on pace to finish the season with 10 fumbles and have a completion percentage below 60 percent, both of which would be career worsts. Not only has Wentz been bad compared to his own measure, but his 58.4 completion percentage is 2nd worst in the league, and Sam Darnold is the only QB with a worse quarterback rating. Just like any quarterback in the NFC East, Carson Wentz has been God-awful to watch.

If Carson doesn’t return to form in a hurry, the Eagles players and their families will be taking early vacations this year. Yes, the Eagles are leading the division with 3 wins, but Andy Dalton will probably be the best QB in the NFC East once he comes back in week 10. One thing in Philadelphia’s favor is their tie against the Bengals in week 3. It essentially puts the Eagles up by a game and a half. However, with Wentz under center, no lead is safe. I’m not at practice, but Hurts needs a chance at quarterback.

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Week 10 looms large with the Eagles taking on the Giants, and then the road gets rocky. Week 10 might even be considered a must-win with the schedule Philly has coming up. After the Giants, the Eagles play the Browns, Seahawks, Packers, Saints and Cardinals. Those 5 teams have a combined record of 28-12. With Wentz completing under 60 percent of his throws, and the Eagles defense being less than stellar, good luck. If the Eagles find themselves down by 20 or more in any of those games, Hurts deserves a chance. Based on what Carson Wentz has done this year, fans should be happy if Hurts is given the keys to the offense. It can’t get much worse.

I can hear Eagles fans now, “Wentz has no help! Everyone’s hurt!” Chill. I understand the Eagles have a boatload of injuries, but I don’t care who’s running routes, this type of performance is unacceptable from a “franchise” quarterback. It’s not even like it’s 1 or 2 bad games. Wentz has thrown 2 picks in 5 different games this year. 

Carson’s worst performance on the year came in week 8 against the “swiss cheese” defense that is the Dallas Cowboys. Wentz was missing open receivers, hanging onto the ball too long and couldn’t properly move the pocket. It was a disaster of a performance. 

Breaking down Carson Wentz’s week 8 performance against the Dallas Cowboys:

To Wentz’s credit, the Eagles offensive line is battered and beaten. Eagles offensive lineman Lane Johnson gets hurt on seemingly every play, but Wentz needs to move the pocket and get rid of the ball quicker. Also, he may simply be trying to do too much. Wentz knows he isn’t working with a lot, but he still needs to trust his receivers and let them make plays. 

The awareness isn’t there either. The 4th & 3 play in the video above is a disaster. Philadelphia needs 3 yards and Wentz is looking at a deeper route that is covered. Meanwhile, 2 open receivers are right in front of him underneath. Despite getting the win, Eagles fans need to be concerned about Wentz moving forward after week 8.

Prior to week 8 against the Cowboys, Wentz was developing a good connection with Travis Fulgham. It was also Jalen Reagor’s first game since September. Combine all that with the notably bad Cowboys defense, and Carson should have been primed for a 300-yard 3 touchdown performance. Instead, he threw for 123 yards, 2 touchdowns, 2 interceptions, while completing only 55 percent of his passes.

According to, through 8 games, Wentz has his highest bad pass percentage of his career this season (27.2 percent), but his receivers are also on pace to drop the most passes in a season during Wentz’s career (40). Say what you want, it may be the guys around him, but Wentz has looked bad.

The “Franchise Quarterback” label may be in doubt, and the Eagles organization might know Wentz is not the future in Philly. Howie Roseman and company went out and drafted Jalen Hurts in the 2nd round, and it’s time to see what the quarterback from Oklahoma has in store.

A.Scott, Deputy Editor for The Challenge. Lifelong Jets, Mets, Nuggets and Flyers fan still looking to celebrate his first pro sports championship. Retired degenerate sports gambler who likes to come out of retirement. Learned how to count cards at the age of 18, but has yet to put the skill to good use. Primarily writes about the MLB, but will dip his toes into the NFL, NBA, college basketball and UFC. When I’m not writing for The Challenge or for a local news station in Syracuse, you can catch me either on the golf course or pounding brews with bros. “Don’t worry, be happy!” R.I.P. Mac Miller

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