The Extra Innings Rule is Trash

The Mets lost to the Braves in July in extra innings at Citi Field.
The Mets lost to the Braves in July in extra innings at Citi Field. PHOTO CREDIT: Tdorante10//Wikimedia Commons

If you didn’t already know, the MLB’s new extra innings rule is bullshit. Teams will now start with an automatic base runner on second during each additional inning. 

Theoretically speaking, it could be a great game, you go into extra innings and they just GIVE the opposing team a free runner on second base.  What the fuck is this? 

As a Mets fan, I am already stressed out enough. Now whenever they actually play well, this new rule punishes the team. The MLB might as well just give the teams an extra run for no fucking reason at all.

The MLB is already on a major decline, losing fans each year and this new rule makes the league look even worse. We already had to wait months for the season to even begin. Now, we have to deal with this atrocious new experiment. 

When asked about the new rule, Dodgers’ star pitcher Clayton Kershaw said this rule is “not real baseball.” 

Kershaw also states that it is “okay” for this season, but hopes it does not continue in the future.  I agree with him, but I also don’t think this is necessary for this season. Honestly, what is the point?

It makes sense that the MLB felt pressured to do something about the fear of COVID-19. So, having an extra runner on second would definitely help shorten the extra innings. But seriously, the game is already long as fuck. One or more innings makes absolutely no difference. 

This whole thing really just pisses me off and legitimately ruins the games for me. Most of the time, the game ends in the 10th inning. All it takes is a ground ball and a sac fly to advance the runner. Also, it’s not fair to pitchers that work extremely hard to avoid runners on base. The MLB is just giving their opponents easy opportunities to gain an extra run. 

Although one positive note for pitchers is if the runner that starts the inning on second scores, it does not count against their E.R.A. That still doesn’t take away from the fact that most pitchers’ strategies have to immediately change from the start of an inning with a runner on.

Overall, I hope this experiment is NEVER considered again after this season, no matter what the situation. Again, baseball is already on the decline and this will only make that worse. The baseball “purists” are some of the few people that still watch the sport daily, and this rule change does not bode well if the MLB wants to keep those fans around. Speaking for myself, I will no longer watch if this continues because it just makes zero sense.  

The MLB needs to do better, listen to the fans and stop making dumb fucking rules that are going to abolish the interest of this league.

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