The “Gamer Girl” Trailer is Gross

Playstation deleted a trailer on its Twitter for a game titled “Gamer Girl.” This game focuses on a female streamer. An anonymous user in her chat is stalker her. You play as her moderator and help her make decisions in order for her not to be… stalked? Killed? The trailer was met with negative responses and people demanded answers.

Everyone’s first thought was, “who the fuck came up with this game plot?” The answer? Men. I took a shower after watching the trailer. I called my mom after watching the trailer. Honestly the rest of this piece was going to be me saying “gross” but let’s instead break down why this is problematic. 

Men claim that girls play life “on easy mode” because one time they got a free drink at a bar. The true easy mode is being able to sexually assault and rape women and face no repercussions. Female streamers face the true reality every day of people doxxing and harassing them on their own stream. The gaming community finally recognized GamerGate in 2014. It showed how prevalent sexism, misogyny and real physical danger was for female gamers. 

This trailer features live action characters, starring Abicake99. She’s conveniently bending over for a water break in the first five seconds of the trailer. There is one clip where she wears a tank top and a hoodie with ONE SLEEVE PULLED DOWN. I’m having flashbacks to middle school here. We could go on and on about the male gaze but I think we get the point, there is nothing empowering here.

This trailer is a convoluted mess of clips of her saying two words into her camera with cuts that are supposed to explain what the premise of the game is. But it somehow fails to do so. There’s also clips of her and some girl with, what feels like, heavy sexual tension dancing at a club. 

I had had to watch the trailer twenty times to even begin piecing together what these guys were trying to get at. Eventually some guy confronts her for streaming too much even though it’s her job. The end of the trailer shows a struggle with her and someone else in a dark room. 

To normalize and fantasize predatory behavior in 2020 with such a low budget and low IQ plotline is beyond me. Abicake may be in danger but don’t worry. The devs let you level up your mod powers while watching anonymous users stalk Abicake then possibly murder her. Live and on stream! I think the grossest part is that a bunch of men, instead of raising awareness and advocating for female streamers, created their own character to be stalked and killed for a profit.

Wales Interactive has since removed the trailer from YouTube but has no known intentions of shelving the game.

BANNER: An edited screenshot of the trailer for “Gamer Girl”. Xbox View TV.

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