The Jets Need to Make These 3 New Year’s Resolutions

Adam Gase of the New York Jets, you're fired!

As the trash ass year of 2020 came to an end, most people are coming up with resolutions for 2021. They may only stick to it for a few weeks because who actually likes eating kale? If anyone needs to make a resolution and stick to it this year, it’s the New York Jets. 

I’ve decided to give the horrible New York Jets organization three easy new year resolutions they can’t abandon in a week. These resolutions won’t only help the team in 2021 but for the foreseeable future. 

Get A Competent Head Coach 

Jets fans were given a late Christmas gift, with the news Adam Gase will be fired after the team’s last game. Fans no longer have to watch the “offensive genius” coach the 32nd offense for another 16 games. Not having the bug-eyed freak coach the team is a step in the right direction.

Firing the incompetent moron is the first step. But the Jets need to make the correct hire. The Jets aren’t the most attractive option this offseason, so getting the right guy is a must. Any guy they get needs to build a great staff, something Gase failed to do. 

I’m fine with the Jets bringing any of these candidates: Joe Brady, Matt Campbell, Lincoln Riley, Eric Bieniemy, Brian Daboll or Pat Fitzgerald. The Jets should be able to get one of the six candidates. They just need to develop a quarterback. 

Get A Competent Quarterback

Adam Gase has broken Sam Darnold and the Jets need to move on. Darnold hasn’t seemed to develop the way he was supposed to. That’s mainly on Gase, but Darnold’s horrible decision making has really held him back. His 1,942 yards, 8 touchdowns and 9 interceptions has really hurt his trade value.

The Jets can probably get a 3rd round pick from a team like the Steelers, Saints or the 49ers for Darnold. Just get him into a good coaching system and see if they can fix what Adam Gase damaged. 

The Jets lost out of the Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes once they stupidity won back to back games. So now they move on to the second best thing: Zach Wilson, the Mormon Mahomes. 

Wilson has elite arm strength, is great off-script and his ability to throw at different angles is intriguing. I really like him on the Jets and the right coach can bring out the best in him. Anything is better than the production the team has gotten out it’s quarterback play this year. The Jets need to take him 2nd overall and definitely not draft Justin Fields. 

Just Win, Baby Win 

The biggest issue with the 2020 Jets is the all the losing. They need to commit to winning this year and not give up in September. Fans knew in the middle of September the season was over. But, the team can’t have that in 2021.

If the Jets can stick to the first two resolutions and get a competent head coach and quarterback, they could win games in 2021.

Just look at the Dolphins. While they were trash in 2019, now they are fighting for a playoff spot. This could easily be the Jets next year if they just stuck the there new year resolutions. 

One more bonus resolution for Adam Gase: stay away from any coaching position. You’re clearly not meant to be doing anything in the NFL. 



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