The Mets and Marlins, United on The Field

Dominic Smith during warmups, March 3, 2019. PHOTO CREDIT: D. Benjamin Miller//Public Domain

Four years and two weeks after Colin Kaepernick took a knee during the national anthem for the first time was the first day I was okay with the Mets not playing baseball. The Milwaukee Bucks were the first of many sports teams to elect not to play. They took a stand in support of Jacob Blake, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and all the other victims of police brutality. 

I was very impressed when teams decided not to play. But the Mets played their game on Wednesday and I felt bad for watching them play. Following the game on Wednesday night, Dominic Smith spoke about the struggles of being black in America. He spoke about the personal struggles he has faced as a black man in America. I have nothing but respect for Dominic Smith in the way he spoke about such a difficult topic. 

I was at dinner with my family when it happened. But my friend texted me shortly after asking if I saw what just happened on the field. 

The Mets and Marlins took a 42-second moment of silence to pay their respects the day before the MLB was celebrating the impact Jackie Robinson had on baseball. Following the 42 seconds of silence, the Mets proceeded to walk off the field. The Marlins returned to their dugout. A The only thing that was left on the field was a Black Lives Matter t-shirt. 

I was speechless. The players’ unity impressed me. The ability for players from different teams to come together for a cause that is bigger than baseball was amazing. Police brutality is far too real and prevalent.The fact that athletes are taking a stand should have an impact on the younger people who watch the games. 

When children tried to tune into the Mets game Wednesday night and couldn’t watch baseball, I hope their parents had a long conversation with them as to why. The fact that these athletes are not playing will hopefully illuminate the severity of violence against black people in America. 


BANNER: D. Benjamin Miller//Public Domain

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