The Yankees are a Nightmare

Yankees at Orioles 4/4/19. PHOTO CREDIT: KA Sports Photos//Flickr

To put it bluntly: the Yankees have been killing me these past few weeks. 

First, it was the injuries. Stanton started the season with a hot bat and then tweaked his hamstring (what else is new?). Aaron Judge tweaks his calf, rehabs, comes back and tweaks the thing again. D.J. LeMahieu missed time with a sprained thumb. Gleyber Torres went down with a hamstring injury. Gio Urshela has a bone fracture in his elbow and Luke Voit is having trouble with one of his feet.  

Then, we had that 7-game losing streak. That’s the equivalent of more than 18 straight losses in a 162-game season. In one fell swoop, the Yankees managed to lose 11 percent of their season. To make matters worse, three of those games were to the AL East leading Tampa Bay Rays. They’re supposed to be leading the East, and instead they’re in third. 

I can’t say the struggles are all their fault. Because of the virus, the MLB postponed two early games against the Phillies. The MLB also postponed 3 recent games against the Mets. Another one of their games, this one against the Braves, was postponed because of rain. That forced us to add another doubleheader to the schedule. 

This season hasn’t been kind to the Ol’ Bombers — especially their bullpen. Their starters are getting less time to rest between starts which has led to shorter outings. With doubleheaders backed up into each other and little time between games, they’ve been trotting out relief pitchers like nobody’s business. Boone has rarely used them in three games straight in his time with the team, but that’s what they’ve been doing recently. 

The Yankees haven’t even had a positive COVID-19 test (knock on wood)! 

Now listen, I still have faith in the fellas. I’m not about to go on Twitter and advocate for anyone to be fired like I’ve seen some fans doing recently. I’m in this for the long-haul. 

I genuinely like the group of guys on this team. I’ve been cheering for Brett Gardner for what feels like my whole life. Mike Ford’s numbers don’t show it, but he’s hitting the ball HARD. I’ve wanted Clint “Red Thunder” Frazier to become an everyday guy since the Yankees got him in 2017. Plus, who doesn’t love a good team dad like Eric Kratz?  

The season hasn’t been pretty, but it hasn’t exactly been ugly either. It’s like that girl you begrudgingly swipe right on because it’s a pandemic and you need attention.

I was expecting big things this year, big things like a perfect 60-0 record. We still could make the playoffs and possibly win the World Series, but we’ll have to button some things up for that to happen. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed that we can pull it together, but in the meantime: it eez what it eez.

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