Tyrod Taylor got Screwed out of Starting

Photo of Tyrod Taylor on the Browns.
Tyrod Taylor previously of the Cleveland Browns on Aug. 17, 2018. PHOTO CREDIT: Erik Drost// Flicker

NFL fans should be calling personal injury lawyers (shout out William Mattar) because the Chargers ROBBED Tyrod Taylor of his starting job last Sunday. 

Imagine you’re Tyrod “just good enough to start, not great enough to be THE starter” Taylor. You’re getting ready to take the field before facing off against Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs. You played through cracked ribs last weekend, but the doctors said they can give you a painkiller. Here’s a chance to get you back out there to lay down some magic. 

Instead of a simple lidocaine needle prick or some magical cold spray soccer teams use, it seems like the LA Chargers team doctor pulled out a saber sword. He somehow managed to stick a hole in Taylor’s lung. Now, he’ll be out for at least two weeks, if not more. 

Taylor seems to be taking it well. Head coach Anthony Lynn said that Taylor isn’t upset with the team and that his injury won’t end his career. Nonetheless, he’s riding the pine for the foreseeable future. The NFLPA is licking its chops looking for what legal action it can take against the team. 

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Lynn also said that The Chargers want Taylor to continue as their starter upon his return despite the impressive production of rookie Justin Herbert this week against the Chiefs. Herbert had no intentions of seeing the field Sunday but put up impressive numbers. He  went 22-33 for 311 yards with just one interception and a pair of touchdowns, one passing and one rushing. 

Despite Herbert’s great game, Taylor is still the Chargers’ guy. This should be welcomed news for Taylor, considering Taylor lost his last starting job to rookie Baker Mayfield.

If I were Taylor, I would be happy just to keep my starting spot once I’m healthy again. I’d also make sure that doctor never sees the inside of another NFL locker room. I would trust a blood transfusion from Magic Johnson before trusting the stab-happy Chargers doc to take care of me pre-game ever again. 

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