We Won’t See Fallout 5 Anytime Soon

Are you here to seek shelter from the wrongs that Bethesda has done to you? Are you here to hope I end this piece with a positive? That we will see “Fallout 5” soon? Keep moving.

Recently “Fallout” tweeted a video similar to the clips they use to tease upcoming games in their franchise. We got the old staticy TV, old-timey music and the “Please Stand By” clip. 

My first initial response was sheer joy. My heart was going to explode. Like many of us, I feel like “Fallout 76” burned us hard and I’ve been denying its existence. This seemed like something to keep us occupied until the next game. Here is why I think it will be the opposite.

Kilter Films, the studio that produced “Westworld,” is producing the Fallout TV series. Amazon Studios COO Albert Cheng released a statement: “We’re thrilled to join with Bethesda to bring ‘Fallout’ to television.” Game director Todd Howard and publisher Bethesda Softworks’ James Altman will be teaming up with producers to help produce and craft the TV series.

Not too many details have come out of this. But we learned some of Bethesda’s creative resources are moving to a TV series. We waited seven years between “Fallout 3’s” release in 2008 and “Fallout 4’s” release in 2015. This was without any upgrade in the gaming engine. 

In between the wait, we were given God’s true gift to this earth in 2010: “Fallout New Vegas.” Obsidian developed “New Vegas” to allow Bethesda to spend time on “Skyrim.” So, this gave it the opportunity to catch up for the development of “Fallout 4.” Bethesda was then somehow able to pump out Fallout 76, a massive online version of Fallout in 2018.  

“Fallout 76” had an overwhelmingly poor reception. Fans intensely pushed back. The gaming engine was never updated and had the graphics of its 2015 predecessor but with ~ooooh natural lighting~.  Bethesda continued to pump its money and time into this dead game, giving it updates and new DLCs while players continued to shelve the game. Bethesda continues to create new content and maintain the servers and will continue to do so for years to come. 

With the massive shift in creators and resources to this new television show and this corpse of a game, who is working on “Fallout 5?” What team is putting in the energy? Who is transferring its work to a new gaming engine? I can’t imagine that we will see “FO5” in the next five years, similar to “Skyrim” which was released in 2011. After “Elder Scrolls Online” went live in 2014 the public hadn’t heard much about an actual “Elder Scrolls” successor except for a brief teaser in 2018. 

Until then, the rest will play our modded versions of “New Vegas” that allows us to sprint and continue to build settlement after settlement until Bethesda can right its wrongs.

BANNER: Tim Bartel//Wikimedia Commons

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