Wentz Is A Huge Problem For The Eagles

The Eagles have a huge Carson Wentz problem and have limited options to resolve it. A rookie just outplayed Wentz in his first start. That should never happen to a “MVP-caliber” guy. Next year, the starting job belongs to Jalen Hurts, especially if the Eagles want to be relevant next year. At $34 million, Wentz has now become the league’s most expensive backup, and should stay in that role moving forward.

With Wentz under center for most of the season, Doug Pederson looked limited with his play calling. This past Sunday with Hurts at the helm, Pederson was finally able to expand and get creative. Earlier in the year, Wentz was holding the ball for too long, trying to be the hero. This was a recipe for disaster. Wentz leads the NFL in interceptions and fumbles this year. You can’t be successful when your QB is a turnover machine.  

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Hurts, who can buy more time with his feet, helps Pederson with his play calling. Instead of calling plays for a QB who holds the ball too long and just throws it away, Pederson can now call all the RPOs his little heart desires. In 2017 the Eagles were the number one team in running RPO plays. That correlates with Wentz’s “MVP” season. Then, he injured his ACL. Maybe Pederson likes the idea of using RPOs, but couldn’t use them because Wentz is a fragile little boy. That’s why Hurts, a dual threat quarterback, utilized Pederson’s full playbook and beat the Saints Sunday. 

Pederson is coaching for his job. He needed to show the Eagles he’s not the problem, but instead Wentz is. That was evident more than ever with Hurts’s play Sunday. Hurts is, by far, not the best quarterback in the league. But if he’s winning games. the Eagles have to stick with him. If that means sacrificing Wentz for the greater good, so be it.

The offense looked so much better Sunday with a rookie under center than a guy who’s been in the same system for his whole career. This is sad. The division is still up for grabs, as the Eagles are only 1.5 games out of 1st. If Hurts can win the next 3 games and win the division, how could you make the same mistake for the 3rd time and start Wentz in 2021? Injuries forcing Wentz onto the sideline have rejuvenated the Eagles these past two seasons. Now, the team is on the up and up because Wentz is on the bench for being ass.

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Reports came out last week that Wentz lost his confidence when the team drafted Hurts. If this is true, then he should not see the field unless Hurts gets injured. If more competition and pressure causes you to crumble, I don’t want you starting for my team. Aaron Rodgers had the same situation happen to him in Green Bay, and yet, he’s still ballin’ out. No one even remembers Jordan Love is on the team because Rodgers made him a non-factor. The difference between the 2 franchise players is drafting a quarterback motivated Rodgers and demoralized Wentz ever since. The greats turn anything into motivation, and I guess Wentz just couldn’t handle the pressure. The Eagles decision to draft Hurts with the 53rd overall pick severely affected Wentz, and he might never get his mental or his play right again.   

The Eagles will be in salary cap hell next year, as they’ll be $88 million over the cap. The team has no options except to keep Wentz around, as trading or cutting him will create $60 million in dead cap. This means the Eagles will likely be barren with talent, as they will be forced to cut highly paid, good players. If Wentz can’t be successful with this team now, he won’t magically turn things around with an even worse roster next year. With Hurts most likely still on the roster in 2021, it’s hard to see Wentz overcoming these obstacles. 

The Eagles need to do what is best for the team and their fans, and move on from Wentz. He is almost guaranteed to be on the team in 2021, but can be released after that season. The Eagles would be smart to let him hit free agency, starting over with Hurts as their franchise quarterback. If he doesn’t work out, at least you won’t be paying Wentz $34 million annually to get hurt and lose more games than he wins. I guess drafting a D2 prospect 2nd overall wasn’t the best thing Howie. 



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