What Nets Fans Should Be Thankful For

Brooklyn Nets what I'm thankful for

After eating 7 plates of stuffing this Thanksgiving, my stomach wasn’t exactly feeling thankful. And honestly after a really shitty 2020, it was difficult finding literally anything to be positive about. However, the Nets fan in me has circled December 13 as the day that can completely turn the year around for me. 

You’re telling me we finally get to see KD and Kyrie on the court together? I might still be full, but my mouth is watering. 

So, let’s take a look at three things all Brooklyn Nets fans should be thankful for. 

The Infamous Nets-Celtics trade in 2013

I know what you might be thinking, why the hell would a Nets fan be thankful for arguably the worst trade in NBA history? 

Brooklyn threw away its future to trade for a year and a half years of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. Also, two of the picks the Nets gave away turned into Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown.  

But to be honest, I’m actually glad they did it. If they didn’t make this boneheaded trade, Billy King might still be running this team. So the fact that he was willing to make a trade of that magnitude shows he was not fit to be steering the ship, let alone be anywhere near a professional organization. And let’s face it, it’s unlikely the Nets would have stood a chance against the Heat or the Warriors.

The team replaced him with Sean Marks, a man that successfully completed a rebuild that deserves it’s own chapter in Sports Management 101. Marks also brought in coach Kenny Atkinson, who made skinny ties cool again. The pair created a scrappy culture that brought hard-nosed basketball to Brooklyn. 

These two men got the Nets in position to sign arguably the two biggest free agent acquisitions in franchise history. Without Billy King, none of this would’ve been possible.

James Dolan

Leave it to the James Dolan to ruin one of the most legendary franchises in sports history. Dolan has successfully turned his Knicks into the league’s laughing stock, and his long list of mistakes have resulted in decades of mediocrity. 

But it’s gotten to the point where I actually feel bad for people that give that clown their hard earned money. The fact that Dolan allowed the Barclays Center to be the coolest spot to be at during basketball season is enough for us Nets fans to be thankful for. 

Lil B “The Based God”

Kevin Durant can credit both his failures and success to the Bay area rapper. After calling Lil B “wack” in 2011, The Based God responded with a curse that would haunt Durant’s career. 

Durant wasn’t able to get the job done after Lil B unleashed his wrath. He lost in his lone Finals appearance with the Oklahoma City Thunder against Lebron’s Miami Heat. Durant then blew a 3-1 lead against the Warriors that would’ve propelled him to his second Finals appearance with the Thunder. 

I’m assuming Durant realized the only way the curse could be lifted would be if he signed with the Based God’s Warriors. While many believe this decision was out of cowardice, I personally believe it was the only way to break the unbeatable curse. 

Lil B lifted the curse after Durant signed in 2016.

To no surprise, Durant won back to back Finals MVPs and solidified himself as a living legend. 

In only a couple weeks, Durant will play in his first game as a Brooklyn Net. He is curse-free, and ready to begin his next chapter. 

On behalf of Brooklyn, Lil B “The Based God,” we thank you. 

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