When the Worlds of Will Smith Collide

What a time to be alive! Will Smith vs. Will Smith had the potential to be the best matchup baseball fans had ever seen. It absolutely lived up to the hype. 

First, yes, there are two different guys with that name that play major league baseball. Also their teams just happen to be filthy. The world of Will Smiths just happened to collide Friday night on baseball’s biggest stage.

6th inning, 2 outs, 2 men on, Dodgers down 2-1 in an elimination game in the NLCS. They set the table. Then, to add to the drama, Will Smith, catcher for the Dodgers, stepped up against Will Smith, pitcher for the Braves. 

This was a moment in baseball history no one would forget. In 10 years, people will ask, “Where were you when Will Smith was up against Will Smith in the NLCS?” I just hope somewhere in the world, the actor was watching. What a moment for the name.

So the at-bat started off, and it looked like it was going to be a quick 1-2-3 for the pitcher. The Braves’ pitcher was up 0-2 on the Dodgers’ batter. Then, without ever taking the bat off his shoulder, the batter pushed the count full 3-2. Next pitch, the Dodger launches one deep over the left field wall. 

I’m not sure if Will Smith’s around the world were happy or sad, but I know my wallet was. 

Shoutout to Braves manager Brian Snitker for making a pitching change 1 batter before Smith was up. Also, shoutout Braves Smith for walking Max Muncy so his Dodgers namesake could come up. Great job all around. The stars couldn’t have aligned more perfectly.

Will Smith’s dinger propelled the Dodgers to a 7-3 victory and forced a game 6, which they won on Saturday. I know the actor likes sequels, and I hope we get one more “Bad Boy” matchup between the two Will Smith’s in game 7 on Sunday. 

Bold prediction: Will Smith will win the at-bat.

A.Scott, Deputy Editor for The Challenge. Lifelong Jets, Mets, Nuggets and Flyers fan still looking to celebrate his first pro sports championship. Retired degenerate sports gambler who likes to come out of retirement. Learned how to count cards at the age of 18, but has yet to put the skill to good use. Primarily writes about the MLB, but will dip his toes into the NFL, NBA, college basketball and UFC. When I’m not writing for The Challenge or for a local news station in Syracuse, you can catch me either on the golf course or pounding brews with bros. “Don’t worry, be happy!” R.I.P. Mac Miller

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