Who Needs it More this Sunday, Brady or Rodgers?

Finally, we get to see Tom Brady vs. Aaron Rodgers in the postseason. This Sunday’s NFC Championship Game in Green Bay will mark the 4th meeting between these elite quarterbacks. In their previous 3 meetings, Brady has the edge 2-1, but Rodgers will look to even the score with a ticket to the Super Bowl on the line Sunday. 

In their most recent matchup on October 10th, the Buccaneers handled the Packers 35-10. Brady threw for 2 touchdowns late in the 1st half which capped off a 28-point 2nd quarter, and the rest was history. For Rodgers, it was his worst game of the season. The Green Bay quarterback threw 2 picks and had zero touchdowns to his name. This landed Rodgers with a 35 QBR, the 3rd worst rating in his career. Based on offseason moves and recent playoff history, there’s a lot on the table for both of these quarterbacks. The question is, who needs it more this Sunday?

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Starting off with Aaron Rodgers, this guy has been lights out all season. Throwing for 4,300 yards along with 48 touchdowns and only 5 interceptions has all but wrapped up the league MVP conversation. Now take that, and combine it with the fact that Rodgers hasn’t lost at Lambeau during the playoffs since 2013. You would think this game would be all wrapped up, but not so fast.

Rodgers is a lackluster 1-3 in NFC Championship games. Not only that, but Rodgers has thrown an interception in every championship game he’s played in. These stats are staggering, and it can’t help that Rodgers has already turned the ball over to this Tampa defense twice this season. On the other hand, you have to be thinking if Rodgers wins this game they’re going all the way, right? After all, Rodgers’ only NFC Championship game win resulted in a Super Bowl ring (2011 Pittsburgh). This Sunday, Rodgers will have the opportunity to outplay Tom Brady and even the score in the biggest matchup between the two future HOFers.

Then you have Tom Brady. The story is simple. Another season, another conference championship game. Brady’s overall record in championship games is 9-4. Sunday will be his incredible 14th championship game appearance, but the twist is a new team and a new conference.

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Brady’s vision is extremely clear, he went to Tampa to win Super Bowls. Not only that, but winning one without Bill Belichick. Let’s be real, there’s tons of people who think that most of Brady’s success comes from the mind of Bill Belichick. Now, he has a golden opportunity to step out of the shadow and prove to himself that he’s still got it. It will also show that Brady can win in a tougher division and a tougher conference. From struggling to find his accuracy and Burce Arians holding him accountable in interviews, to win this Sunday and you’re one step closer to making it all worth it. 

What if Brady loses? You’d have to think that this season would be a wash for him and what he wanted to accomplish. You’d also hear from all the critics on why Brady doesn’t have it anymore, and if he was with Belichick he would’ve won this game. Another question that comes about, is how would Brady react to the loss? I know Brady says he wants to play until 46 or 47, but how many more good years does he have in him? This could be his last great run at a ring.

With that being said, both NFC quarterbacks will have the opportunity to punch their ticket to Jacksonville and write another chapter in their hall of fame careers on Sunday.  

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