Why We Hate to Love Warzone

“Call of Duty: Warzone” came out roughly four months ago and immediately stole the spotlight from other high profile battle royale games like “Fortnite” and “Apex.” “Warzone” capitalizes more than it falters on mechanics and gameplay but the gripes aren’t unmentionable.

For a free-to-play game, it hits the spot especially during a time where most of us are stuck at home. We are hooked constantly and we find it hard to call it quits sometimes. The wins give you a high and I celebrate my gulag kills more than anything. But what else can this game do to keep us around?

Customization. I think it’s agreeable that MOST OF US played “Fortnite” for at least three seasons and the customizations were some of the best parts. Skins, pickaxes, parachutes, emotes. Give us SOMETHING other than Putin/Tiger King’s boyfriend. I’d love to see different characters with more distinguishable features, more charms and skins for weapons. 

Similarly to “Apex,” the map lacks character. It’s bland with no thought and the color palette is sad. I don’t have a favorite place to drop because most places are just boring. This really struck me as odd because “COD” maps are usually skillfully designed and fun. These are rough drafts that never got a face lift and they continue to look the same month after month. Does the map tell a story or make sense? Not really. It’s. Just. Dusty. 

“Warzone” has an immeasurable amount of cheaters and this issue has been hard pressed by streamers. Infinity Ward set up barriers to deter people using aim assist and wall hacks and has sent waves of bans their way.  There still hasn’t been a significant decrease in cheaters. It’s believed that there is at least one cheater in every match. Ain’t nobody tracking me behind a building. Maybe instead of taking this on a case-by-case basis Infinity Ward should adapt the processes that other big battle royale-style devs use to mass ban cheaters. Epic has taken legal action against those who cheat the game or write in their own code. Just a thought, though. 

But the biggest fumble here? The fucking audio. Not only is directional audio a huge miss in this game but most audio in general is trash. Footsteps don’t seem to travel and who knows if someone is above or below you. Is that your teammates footsteps, your own or an enemies? Guess we will find out! Gunfire carries across hundreds of miles and all you truly can hear are planes overhead and it’s incessant.

Am I going to whine about the audio? Yes. Am I going to die to cheaters? Yes. But am I still going to play? Yes. Could I be having a little more fun? Yes. Please fix it. Thanks. 

BANNER: Dronepicr//Flickr

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