The Wilpons Are Finally Gone

Dellin Betances at the pitcher's mound for the New York Mets. The Wilpons just sold the team to Steve Cohen.
The Mets' Dellin Betances at the pitcher's mound. The Wilpons sold the team. PHOTO CREDIT: All-Pro Reels//Flickr

The Wilpons bought the Mets in 2002 and they have essentially been a dumpster fire ever since. There have been three solid years where the Mets made it deep into the playoffs, but they’ve always fallen short. 

Steve A. Cohen beat out Alex Rodriguez and J-Lo for the ownership of the Mets and successfully bought the team from the Wilpons on Monday. Despite playing in the biggest market in the league, the Wilpons have always been stingy and reluctant to spend big bills on free agents who are deserving of the money. This “desire to lose” has aggravated Mets fans for years.

The Mets have the 5th highest payroll in baseball. Yet, they neglected to sign one of the more consistent pitchers in their starting rotation Zach Wheeler. This past winter, he signed a mega-deal with division rivals the Philadelphia Phillies. 

To fill the hole, the Mets signed two washed-up former all-stars, Rick Porcello and Michael Wacha. They both signed one-year deals. Porcello has been hot garbage and Wacha is injured. 

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This is only a small sample size of painful offseason mistakes the Mets have made in the past 18 years. Some moves are simply too painful for me to revisit. 

So many Mets fans, including myself, are ecstatic that Steve Cohen bought the Mets (for $2.4 billion). Not only does he have an estimated net worth of $14.6 billion, but he already has a history of spending ridiculous amounts of money on art just for his personal collection. We pray Cohen spends his funds just as gleefully on young and talented free agents. After all, someone has to be able to get the Metropolitans to the World Series ring that they have been yearning to win for the past 33 years. 

See ya never Wilpons, the Steve Cohen era has officially begun in the Big Apple.

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