Wilt Chamberlain is a Dirty Liar

Wilt Chamberlain was notorious for being one of the greatest athletes to ever step foot on planet Earth. Chamberlain claimed that he had a 48-inch vertical and could bench press 500 pounds. This doesn’t seem possible for a dude that stood at 7’1 with a 7’8 wingspan. 

Although I could watch the small amount of the ultra-grainy, stupidly-shitty quality film that documents Wilt’s career, I wanted to focus on his more important statements that simply didn’t sit well with me. 

The Stilt said that he slept with around 20,000 women during his days of greatness. I don’t buy this for a second. I’m surprised he didn’t claim his dick was 24 inches long. 

Think about how ridiculous it would be for someone to rack up 20,000 bodies. To put this into perspective, Chamberlain averaged 23 rebounds per game over his 14-year long career and only managed to grab 24,000 rebounds. According to legend, he bagged 23 different women during a 10-day road trip. Where did he find these ladies without hookup apps? How did he have the time or energy for that matter; to manage this between traveling, practice, and games? This just doesn’t add up.

Wilt also mentioned that he didn’t contract any serious STDs or knock anyone up during his ridiculous sex-bender. We’re just going to sit here and assume he used condoms for all 20,000 women? Let’s be real for a second; there’s a huge difference between wrapping it up and responsibly raw dogging: the feeling. Not using a condom with a partner feels great for both parties and when you consider the time period Chamberlain had his epic sexscapade, he probably didn’t use a whole ton of them. After all, less than half of qualified Americans at the time said they used condoms. 

Condoms don’t offer the best sensation in the world today. They had to be much worse in the 50s. Instead of ultra-thin rubbers, he was probably using 3-inch thick plexiglass ones instead.

Let’s be generous and assume he used protection 70 percent of the time. Wilt would have raw-dogged it with about 6,000 different women. Assuming he went roughly 1.8 rounds with said women, he would’ve ended up having around 11,000 rounds of unprotected sex. He didn’t contract any serious STDs or have at least one swimmer slip in 11,000 tries? Either his pullout game was more legendary than his career, or he was just a phony.

Chamberlain might’ve walked around thinking he was the Genghis Khan of his time. However, he really should be looked at as the Jussie Smollett of sports history. 

End rant. 

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