Young Bucks Impress in Night 1 of AEW’s Holiday Bash

The Young Bucks
The Young Bucks posing in 2016. PHOTO CREDIT: Courtney Rose//Flickr

All Elite Wrestling hosted the first night of its two-week extravaganza Holiday Bash this past Wednesday, with the Young Bucks defending their tag titles in the main event. I’m a firm believer in giving credit where credit is due. AEW deserves credit for its creative themes that showcase different seasons and holidays which traditionally are reserved for pay-per-views. 

Holiday Bash started off with a yet another fast-paced and high flying match. This week featured the very young team Top Flight going up against Inner Circle members Chris Jericho and MJF. The latter pair’s storyline collaboration seems to have all but fizzled out. On a positive note, Top Flight impressed yet again not only with their in-ring skills but their backstage promos and work on the microphone as well.

Hailing from Minneapolis, these two youngsters are looking like young veterans in just their 6th match with the promotion. Top Flight member Dante Martin is the ripe age of just 19 and with his brother Darius not far ahead at 21. It seems the sky’s the limit for these young brothers.

Jake Hager announced an exciting match for Holiday Bash week 2. He challenged MJF’s bodyguard Wardlow. It’s been clear that these two have not gotten along ever since MJF earned the two membership into the Inner Circle after beating Jericho at Full Gear. This was also interesting to see as we don’t usually hear from Hager. Next week will truly be a collision among giants. 

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For the third week in a row since joining the promotion, Sting agreed to yet another interview with legendary commentator Tony Schiavone. Sting hasn’t lost a beat and still knows exactly how to hype up a crowd. Team Taz surprisingly interrupted The Stinger. They were about to attack him when the lights went out. Darby Allin appeared in the ring ready to assist Sting in fending off the opposition. Taz and his goonies backed off, hinting at a tag team match between Sting and Allin against two members of Taz’s team. Speaking of dream match-ups, “The Tazmission” versus “The Scorpion DeathLock” would be something wrestling fans have dreamt and hoped for….fingers crossed!

A few side additions to AEW’s storytelling I would like to see them introduce, would be more partnerships with other wrestling companies like Ring of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling and Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide. This would be nice seeing as Kenny Omega is currently the Lucha Libre AAA Mega Champion. Let’s make Omega larger than life by dominating two promotions and making his entrance sporting both belts!

Secondly, the chemistry between Eddie Kingston and Good Ol’ J.R. has been an absolute treat to listen to. They need to expand on that dynamic sooner rather than later as it’s absolute gold.

This brings us into the main-event of the evening pitting The Young Bucks against the newly-arrived duo The Acclaimed. AEW sure is putting a lot of stock into their tag-team division. The Acclaimed is the second team in recent months to join to sign with the promotion. Now don’t take this as me complaining because I love tag-team wrestling, but they need to be careful not to take too much attention away from their single’s division. It is absolutely overflowing with young, hungry talent.

As always, The Bucks put on an absolute clinic. They showed the young Acclaimed what being the World Tag Team Champions is all about. With this match being their first shot at the titles, The Acclaimed gave The Bucks a run for their money. The duo showed the world just how badly they want those championships. They earned many of their peers respect along the way. The Bucks took home the W, retaining the titles, but you can bet they won’t underestimate The Acclaimed ever again. 

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